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Code obfuscator for php?

Can someone please let me know if there is a way to protect php scripts from copying.....

my php scripts are placed on linux and windows machine and i dont want anyone to copy it to someother machine.
the code must also be encrypted so that he wont be able to view it either.
there are few softwares available but they are too costly. please please please help me out(for both windows and linux).

anticipating your generous response.


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code obfuscation can always be undone. there is no good way to encrypt php code. your best options to keep your code safe are legal ones. –  dqhendricks Jun 24 '11 at 19:54
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If this is a shared box and not everybody has root access then you can make sure that the permissions are correct and only you or root have access to it. But as other people have been saying, if the computer has access to it then someone can also have access to it. –  Amir Raminfar Jun 24 '11 at 20:03

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If the computer can read it, so can a human.

There's no real way to secure your scripts, but you could always try a free obfuscator. My best suggestion for you if you're worried about people copying them from your server, is to move onto your own, private server.

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Basic answer: You can't.

The PHP binary has to be able to read the code you have to properly compile and execute it. Obfuscation is the only thing you can do and that doesn't protect your code from being copied or re-used: it simply makes it harder (not impossible) for a human to make any sense of it.

Complicated answer: It isn't worth it

The only possible way to encrypt your code would be to modify the PHP binary source to read encrypted files. That would required significant work for both modifying the source on each PHP release and deploying/compiling it onto servers. Then again, an attacker who gains access to your computer could easily steal and disassemble the modified binaries and revert the encryption scheme used.

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Why not restrict user access to your windows/linux systems? PHP files are just like any other files on your system. If you give read access to any user, they will be able to read it. Obfuscators are just not worth it for PHP.

Just don't give out code. Use a hosted service and control access to it. Only other way is to set up a license and hire a lawyer.

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You could outsource the important parts of your logic to webservices in your own infrastructure and only put an API-Class to the client. http://wso2.com/products/web-services-framework/php/

The client would only have the API-Class-code seen wich sould not be a great loss.

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