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A Qt app with the networking library and the GUI library gets to about 10MB; that is, without code.

For people with Internet connection like mine, that is a bit inconvenient; specially when it comes to a program that is rarely used (i.e. used once and then left.)

I tried to use LZMA and LZMA2 compressions to compress the exe files, and it did nothing.

I would like to make the code itself smaller, is there a way to do that? How much can I go down in size? At least when it comes to the networking library.

PS: I wouldn't like to use UPX or such applications.

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You could try statically linking; this may be able to discard unused code from the library. Please note, however, that this may impact your obligations under Qt's open source licenses; distributing a closed-source (generally, non-LGPL) application statically linked against a LGPL-licensed library brings with it additional obligations when compared to the dynamic-linking case. Of course, if your application is GPL or LGPL licensed itself, this is no problem.

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You could rebuild Qt from source, skipping the bits that you don't need. See configure options for a list of things that you can leave out. E.g. -no-openssl will make the network library smaller.

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I built (very) stripped version of qt - qtcore and qtgui together were about 1.8 MB big. But i disabled almost everything and used hardcore compiler flags. –  Anton Barkovsky Jun 25 '11 at 17:19

Here is a guide I wrote to making Qt smaller:


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