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When I call GetListItems with the following Query:

            <FieldRef Name="Author"/>
            <Value Type="Text">Bob</Value>

I get back a list with one row like this:

<z:row ows_ID="411" .... ows_ClientID="string;#7779" ... />

But, when I call the same list, but with this query:

            <FieldRef Name="ClientID"/>
            <Value Type="Number">7779</Value>

I get back no rows:

<GetListItemsResponse ...>  
    <GetListItemsResult ...>    
        <listitems ...> 
            <rs:data ItemCount="0" ....

Anyone have any idea why I'm not getting back that same row?

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Because string;#7779 is clearly not 7779 nor does it claim to be a numeric type ;-)

Anyway, try:

  1. <Value Type='Calculated'>string;#7779</Value> (see comment) or;
  2. <Value Type='Text'>7779</Value> (note not "Number")

Happy coding.

Protip: Use the U2U CAML Query Builder to speed up "finding the quirks".

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That didn't work, but <Value Type='Text'>7779</Value> did. I swear, I had already tried that and got an error. Oh well. Thank you. (edit: posted this before your update. #2 worked.) – Jacob Eggers Jun 24 '11 at 22:23
@Jacob Eggers Yeah -- I'm an edit-addict :( I really wish SO allowed posting in an "unpublished" mode. – user166390 Jun 24 '11 at 22:25

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