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I am using rails3 and I have a user model. This model has a status column. I am showing admin following table

Mary approve reject
John approve reject

Both approve and reject are links. Since clicking on approve will approve user's record it should not be a get request. It should be a post request. I was thinking to achieve a post request I should make clicking on approve or reject an ajax call.

In the ajax call I would make post call instead of get.

Is this a good strategy? Anyone has any better suggestion.


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Just pass :method => 'post' to your link_to call:

<%= link_to 'approve', approve_user_path(user), :method => 'post' %>


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You're right, it shouldn't be a get request. Actually, I think it's neither a post request, because you already have the record and want to change it.

You could just pass :method => :put to link_to. Rails will make a JS handler and when the link is clicked, it will create an invisible form with action=PUT and submit it.

BUT, AJAX is a nice thing too and it's just as hard as setting the method: :remote => true

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HTTP POST is used for create, and HTTP PUT is used for update. As such, you should be using doing a PUT (add :method => 'put' to your link_to) since you are updating the user record. Here's more details: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html#crud-verbs-and-actions

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