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Possible Duplicate:
How to connect to a MySQL database from an iPhone?

I'm beginner in iphone programing, now and for the first time I build my first app. I have a php/mysql website and I would like to show a list of names which are already on the database of my website, in my iphone app, exactly when using the search bar. How to do this please, If it possible send me a link of a tutorial. Thank you !

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This question has already been answered here :

How to connect to a MySQL database from an iPhone?


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do you know yet if you will be using some sort of service layer? you will probably want to. something with xml / json is common.

iphone to webService question iphone to mysql directly via framework

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You should teach you server application to generate some exchange format like XML/json/plist under a certain URL, download it and parse/deserialize it. All these steps are documented hundred times here on stackoverflow, at your server framework site and at developer.apple.com

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