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I have the following problem:

  1. There is an array that consists of 6 numbers, each two digits at maximum.
  2. Y is an array whose i th element is the sum of the first i +1 elements of the first array.
  3. Accept a numerical input via keyboard. If it matches one of the numbers in Y display a message; If not, restart the program.


This is the algorithm that I am thinking:

  • Initialize empty array [x] & [y]
  •{ Random.rand(1..99) }
  • Add numbers using each do?
  • Store in array [y ]
  • Compare input to == array [y]
  • If any instance matches display msg else restart

I would be really grateful for any guidance or help with this problem.

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Excuse me, but what is the question of your question? :) –  bassneck Jun 25 '11 at 0:36

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loop do
  x ={rand(99)}
  y = []
  x.each{|k| y.push(k + y.last.to_i)}
  break if y.include?(gets.to_i)
puts 'message'
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If you like, you can compute y like this: y = { |i| a[0..i].inject(&:+) } –  Wayne Conrad Jun 25 '11 at 3:36
@Wayne That is another solution that works. –  sawa Jun 25 '11 at 4:32

Here's a quick stab at your problem.

def check_number_in_array
  x =
  y = []
    x.collect! { rand(99) }
    sum = 0
    x.each do |i|
      sum = sum+i
      y << sum
    # The following lines are just for "debugging"
    print "x = [ "
    x.each {|i| print i, " "}
    print "]\ny = [ "
    y.each {|i| print i, " "}
    print "]\n"
  end while !y.include?($_.to_i)
  puts "Good guess!"
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