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Is there a way to use node.js to tap into my google adwords account?


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I don't know much about node.js but if it's using standard JavaScript then you should be able to get somewhere with the new AdWords API JavaScript library:

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Yes, the library uses standard Javascript (it is built using Google's Closure library). What you might need to do is to write an HttpWebTransport adapter that works for Node.js. has a few examples for specific technlogies like Google Gadgets, Chrome extensions, etc. , but there isn't one for Node.js. Also see for details on how to configure the library to use a particular HttpWebTransport class.

Cheers, Anash

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Btw, you may want to post any followup questions on the official AdWords API forum, as it is monitored by the current maintainers of that library: Cheers, Anash – Anash P. Oommen Dec 10 '11 at 0:36

I'm the author of an unofficial node.js client library for AdWords: It is getting closer to a feature complete client library every day. Pull requests welcome.

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