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Below is a path, the relevant portion of my routes file, the relevant portion of rake routes result, and the error message. To further analyze the error i switched from ":only => " to using ":except => " and listed items one by one. ":except => :create" is the one that causes the error. I would prefer to use :only because its shorter. So why does ":create" cause the error? Is it possible that this is somehow related to the fact that one of the routes is ":create_invitation"? Thanks!


<%= button_to "Finished", userhome_index_path %>


  resources :userhome, :only => :index do
    collection do
      post :create_invitation
    member do
      get :edit_profile_picture
      post :update_profile_picture

rake routes:

userhome_index GET    /userhome(.:format)           {:action=>"index", :controller=>"userhome"}

error msg:

No route matches "/userhome"
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@NikitaBarsukov, @codinguser, @zetetic, and @SimoneCarletti. I was using ruby-on-rails-3 and routes tags to see if there was any other question like mine on SO and noticed that you all have answered route questions well. I have never asked someone i haven't interacted with already to look at a question and don't know if this is considered appropriate on SO. If you do answer i promise i won't bug you with a bunch of requests. Thanks. –  Jay Jun 25 '11 at 15:44

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The button_to uses a POST request. You want a GET request.

<%= button_to "Finished", userhome_index_path, :method => :get %>
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thanks for giving it a shot but i still get the same error. Did you see the UPDATE at the bottom? –  Jay Jun 25 '11 at 3:26

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