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We are using Quicksand ( the sortable filterbale quicksand plugin )


Apart from the normal filters, to initiate the quicksand animation. We also can display the individual < li > 's by using a sweet little Layout Switcher.

The code of which is:

<!-- layout switcher -->
    <div id="layoutSwitcher">
        <a id="buttonsend" class="notsosmall pink button">More Info</a>
    <!-- /end layout switcher -->

But my issue is If active I want to display Less Info.

In normal state to show More Info.

I am positive we can do this using jQuery

The jQuery to control the switcher is:

jQuery('#layoutSwitcher a').myPortfolioLayoutSwitcher({
    show_switcher: true,
    full_width_layout: false 

So my question is simply.. can we change button text onclick to display less info or more info as necessary.


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Easy Peasy. You just need to toggle between two text spans.

 <a id="buttonsend" class="notsosmall pink button">
     <span>More Info</span>
     <span style="display:none">Less Info</span>

and some JS

$('a#buttonsend').click(function() {

See it working here:

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Perfect thanks :) have changed first $ to jQuery , thats correct isnt it ? – 422 Jun 25 '11 at 4:33
Yep, $ and jQuery are interchangeable. If you are using another library in addition to library its best to use jQuery rather than $ – wesbos Jun 25 '11 at 4:36

Assuming that plugin works like jquery's inherent toggle method, toggle should work.

jQuery('#layoutSwitcher a').myPortfolioLayoutSwitcher({
    show_switcher: true,
    full_width_layout: false 
    function(){jQuery(this).html('show less');},
    function(){jQuery(this).html('show more');});
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Thanks :) thats great – 422 Jun 25 '11 at 4:33

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