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I have a button "Show data". When click it, data will display in list view. But I want to clear it and then click "Show data" again to display new data. Because I don't want when I click "Show data" again It duplicated data. So I want to clear old data to show new data (no duplicated data). But its header no clear (still keep header). What is the source code?

One more question. I want to show data from table in access to Datagridview in c# (eg. table in access contain: Name, Position, salary and Datagridview in c# has 3 column also: Name, Position and Salary by click on button "Show". What is the source code?

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In WinForms:



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but not headers in win form it clears header coloumn even only i have to clear row text – office 302 Dec 19 '15 at 12:49

for listView on clicking first clear the list and then add items: like below

    private void button9_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

for your second question try below link:

How to show data from Access on C# ?

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ListView.Clear Method removes all items and columns from the control.

The following are some articles that may help you working with ListView and DataGridView controls:

ListView @ C# Online.Net

Working with Data—Using the DataGridView

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    foreach (ListView item in listview.Items)


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What about the following?

ListView lv = new ListView();
while (lv.Items.Count > 1) {
    //leave the header
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While making windows store app write:


Just listview.Clear(); won't work in windows store app

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