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As I am creating sub menu items dynamically , so its obvious that the MenuItems's index will be dynamic only. so here what i facing the problem.

so far i have successfully create the menu items dynamically inside onCreateOptionsMenu function

SubMenu switchMenu = menu.addSubMenu("My Menu");

for(int i=0;i<myList.getListSize();i++){
 switchMenu.add(FILE, NEW_MENU_ITEM+i, 0, myList.get(i).data);  

Now the problem comes when Menu Items are selected inside onOptionsItemSelected

//get the the selected index 
int selectedMenuIndex = item.getItemId();    

// Pass it to a function in another activity 

//Finishing the current activity and loads the previously selected

Whenever the parent menu loads and i click on it to get the submenu , android automatically selects first submenu in the list i.e. index =0 and immediately fires the above code and it doesn't wait for rest of the submenu to load and allow the user to select from the submens item that i have created dynamically.

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Do this in your OnOptionsItemSelected

    public boolean onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem item)

     if( (item.getItemId() & NEW_MENU_ITEM ) == NEW_MENU_ITEM)  // check if its a sub menu ID

       switch(item.getItemId() - NEW_MENU_ITEM)
          case 0: // first sub menu option

          case 1:: // second sub menu option

          // and so on ..................

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