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using jquery 1.6.1

When the check box gets checked or unchecked, i want to change the background color of the row. My closest tr is not getting selected here. I have a working code that i am changing to plugin and this problem only happens in the plugin.


$(".tableHighlightSelector tr td input[type='checkbox']").checkBoxTableHighlighter();

Plugin Code:

//checkbox row highlighter
jQuery.fn.checkBoxTableHighlighter = function(options){
var defaults = {  
    highlightClass: "rowhighlight"
var options = $.extend(defaults, options);  

var highlight = {
    RemoveHighlightForAllNotChecked: function ($item) {
    CheckBoxRowSelect: function (e, $clicked) {
        if ($clicked.attr("checked") == true) {
            highlight.RemoveHighlightForAllNotChecked($('input[name=' + $clicked.attr("name") + ']')); //when we make checkbox behave like a radio button
return this.each(function() {  
    var $obj = $(this);
    var jsObj = this;   
    highlight.CheckBoxRowSelect('', $obj);     
        highlight.CheckBoxRowSelect(e, $(this));
        highlight.CheckBoxRowSelect(e, $(this));


<table width="300px" class="tableHighlightSelector">
                <td colspan="2">Group 2</td>
                <td width="20px"><input type="checkbox" name="group2" value="a" checked="checked" /></td>
                <td width="20px"><input type="checkbox" name="group2" value="b" /></td>
                <td width="20px"><input type="checkbox" name="group2" value="c" /></td>
                <td width="20px"><input type="checkbox" name="group2" value="d" /></td>
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I assume that you have defined the .rowhighlight CSS class? I pasted this into jsFiddle and the highlighter worked straight away for <input checked="checked">!

There were some missing event variables on the click handlers which the Chrome console was reporting immediately.

$obj.click(function(e /* added e here */) {
    highlight.CheckBoxRowSelect(e, $(this));

I assume this was a copy&paste error otherwise you can't have been ever getting into the main CheckBoxRowSelect function.

The main problem overall is the checking if an input is checked logic which is incorrect. There are a few ways to check if an input is checked in jQuery and your test was not working. Replacing with if ($clicked.is(':checked')) { as I have done in this demo fixes the logic and the row is highlighted.

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Perfect - Thanks. –  learning... Jun 25 '11 at 15:26

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