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hi i installed phpfox it really works nice . i had one big problem i already searched in all forum but my problem not resolved still. my issue is i instal the phpfox in my server and also create a subdomain named phpfox.Now just i want to view all the page through the subdomain like - > currently it redirect the webpages like this


but i want


i already change the $_CONF['core.url_rewrite'] = 3 in the server.sett.php still no use !! if there is any link to solve my issue means please provide me

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core.url_rewrite = 3 is meant when phpfox is in the top folder, not in a "phpfox" folder. Try a normal htaccess redirect so phpfox.example.com loads your phpfox site first, then try changing the core.url_rewrite –  Purefan Mar 13 '13 at 7:36

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I assume you are using cpanel for this website. If that is the case then creating a subdomain in cpanel will only result in a redirect. If you want a full subdomain that doesn't redirect it needs to have its own cpanel account. That has to be created in the WHM.

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