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I'm trying to figure out whether wordpress can handle the following requirements for a site:

  1. incorporating yahoo weather api (and other widgets etc)

  2. testimonial page (user inputs, which have to be moderated back-end and approved)

  3. image gallery (with back-end manager)

  4. video gallery (basically youtube video links - with backend manager)

  5. extremely custom design

I know WP is powerful, but can it handle these requirements? How easy/difficult is it to integrate plugins to handle this functionality?


PS. I know this is not a programming question per se, but there are several such "capabilities" questions on the stack!

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Yes WordPress would allow you to do all of the above.

  1. You would have to implement this yourself as a plugin. There maybe a plugin already available. This link should help you get started,

  2. The commenting system would easily allow you to do this

  3. There are heaps of galleries, try nextgen gallery, works great.

  4. You could easily provide an admin panel which would allow users to paste the youtube video code in. See the WP docs. and

  5. WP allows custom themes and they are fairly easy to construct with a little programming knowledge. Simply searching on Google will find you a abundance of walk through tutorials.

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Thank you for the answer @Ben. – Bouncer Jun 25 '11 at 12:53

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