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I'm trying to write test the value of alt text + src of an image using capybara and the css selectors.

any idea s to test both in single xpath ?

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A slightly simpler way will be to use an id for that image:

page.find('#profile-avatar')['src'].should have_content 'default.png'

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imo this is the best way to go b/c it uses css instead of ugly xpaths –  shicholas Nov 19 '13 at 21:02
the alt portion of the OP's question is the same, with 'alt' for 'src'. –  traday May 12 at 14:39
modernized, I did: expect(page.find('#profile-avatar')['alt']).to have_content 'your_alt_text' –  traday May 12 at 14:41

You can check multiple attributes using xpath

assert page.has_xpath("//image[@alt='some_value' and @src = 'some_value']")
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This needs to say "//img" instead of "//image" in order to work for me, but with that change made it helped me. Thanks! –  Reb Oct 20 '13 at 8:51
The correct form is assert page.has_xpath?("//img[@alt='some_value' and @src = 'some_value']") –  João Paulo Motta Mar 13 at 10:36
variable=find(:xpath, "//img[@class='class_name']")
variable['src'].should == "url"
variable['alt'].should == "text"
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I was having some trouble because the src of my image had some dynamic values, so I did this:

find(locator+' img')['src'].include?(img_src).should be_true

I don't really care about the path, just if the file name was the correct

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It does not answer directly your question but if some people fancy debugging ease over speed, I'd suggest using this syntax :

find(:xpath, "//img[@class='avatar']/@src").text.should match /some url/
find(:xpath, "//img[@class='avatar']/@alt").text.should match /some text/

as the error will be more explicit if it fails. (it will actually display the value of src and alt).

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