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my .NET application calls method of object that located out of assembly boundaries. When this method has thrown exception i've catched COMException.

Exception contains special code in ErrorCode field, for example -123.

try { // call outside object } catch(COMException e) { // e.ErrorCode == -123; }

Is it posible to define exception class that will be thrown instead of COMException?


[ErrorCode of external error = -123] public class MyException : Exception;

and rewrite above code

try { // call outside object } catch(MyException e) { //... }

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"Is it posible to define exception class that will be thrown instead of COMException?"

No, but you could catch the COMException, wrap it in a custom exception class, and rethrow it.

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Thank you for answer. I considered this decision, but i've got many sevices that were written on delphi. Now i need use them on c#. Each of delphi-services requires personally wrapper that will be catch all com exception and will throw predetermined c# exception. When delphi-services will changed or some new delphi-exception will be added, i will need to modify wrappers. It's sad. – pat Jun 25 '11 at 11:35

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