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I have to add title attribute to options of the ModelChoiceField. Here is my admin code for that:

class LocModelForm(forms.ModelForm):
        def __init__(self,*args,**kwargs):
            self.fields['icons'] = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset = Photo.objects.filter(galleries__title_slug = "markers"))
            self.fields['icons'].widget.attrs['class'] = 'mydds'

        class Meta:
            model = Loc
            widgets = {
                'icons' : forms.Select(attrs={'id':'mydds'}), 

        class Media:
            css = {

class LocAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    form = LocModelForm

I can add any attribute to select widget, but i don't know how to add attributes to option tags. Any idea ?

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First of all, don't modify fields in __init__, if you want to override widgets use Meta inner class, if you want to override form fields, declare them like in a normal (non-model) form.

If the Select widget does not do what you want, then simply make your own. Original widget uses render_option method to get HTML representation for a single option — make a subclass, override it, and add whatever you want.

class MySelect(forms.Select):
    def render_option(self, selected_choices, option_value, option_label):
        # look at the original for something to start with
        return u'<option whatever>...</option>'

class LocModelForm(forms.ModelForm):
    icons = forms.ModelChoiceField(
        queryset = Photo.objects.filter(galleries__title_slug = "markers"),
        widget = MySelect(attrs = {'id': 'mydds'})

    class Meta:
        # ...
        # note that if you override the entire field, you don't have to override
        # the widget here
    class Media:
        # ...
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Is there any particular reason why the fields should be modified in the Meta inner class rather than the __init__ method? And would the same reasoning apply to modifying / adding widget attributes for a field? –  hellsgate Sep 10 '13 at 15:16

Here's a class I made that inherits from forms.Select (thanks to Cat Plus Plus for getting me started with this). On initialization, provide the option_title_field parameter indicating which field to use for the <option> title attribute.

from django import forms
from django.utils.html import escape

class SelectWithTitle(forms.Select):
    def __init__(self, attrs=None, choices=(), option_title_field=''):
        self.option_title_field = option_title_field
        super(SelectWithTitle, self).__init__(attrs, choices)

    def render_option(self, selected_choices, option_value, option_label, option_title=''):
        print option_title
        option_value = forms.util.force_unicode(option_value)
        if option_value in selected_choices:
            selected_html = u' selected="selected"'
            if not self.allow_multiple_selected:
                # Only allow for a single selection.
            selected_html = ''
        return u'<option title="%s" value="%s"%s>%s</option>' % (
            escape(option_title), escape(option_value), selected_html,

    def render_options(self, choices, selected_choices):
            # Normalize to strings.
            selected_choices = set(forms.util.force_unicode(v) for v in selected_choices)
            choices = [(c[0], c[1], '') for c in choices]
            more_choices = [(c[0], c[1]) for c in self.choices]
                option_title_list = [val_list[0] for val_list in self.choices.queryset.values_list(self.option_title_field)]
                if len(more_choices) > len(option_title_list):
                    option_title_list = [''] + option_title_list # pad for empty label field
                more_choices = [(c[0], c[1], option_title_list[more_choices.index(c)]) for c in more_choices]
                more_choices = [(c[0], c[1], '') for c in more_choices] # couldn't get title values
            output = []
            for option_value, option_label, option_title in chain(more_choices, choices):
                if isinstance(option_label, (list, tuple)):
                    output.append(u'<optgroup label="%s">' % escape(forms.util.force_unicode(option_value)))
                    for option in option_label:
                        output.append(self.render_option(selected_choices, *option, **dict(option_title=option_title)))
                else: # option_label is just a string
                    output.append(self.render_option(selected_choices, option_value, option_label, option_title))
            return u'\n'.join(output)

class LocModelForm(forms.ModelForm):
    icons = forms.ModelChoiceField(
        queryset = Photo.objects.filter(galleries__title_slug = "markers"),
        widget = SelectWithTitle(option_title_field='FIELD_NAME_HERE')
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