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How can I get the directory of the argument set to a bat file, considering that the argument is file path relative to the current dir?

For example I have the following files:


from C:\ I run: folder1\mybat.bat folder2\x.jpg
Now I want to get: C:\folder2 because that's the folder of x.jpg

from C:\folder1 I run: mybat.bat ..\folder2\x.jpg
Result is the same as above

from C:\folder2 I run: ..\folder1\mybat.bat x.jpg
Result is again the same, the folder of x
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Have you checked out Windows PowerShell yet? It's far more powerful than batch files or the command prompt. – TrueWill Jun 25 '11 at 15:54

%~dp1 should give you what you want.

Actually you can do help call and see lots of options around this. Description of %~dp1 -

%~dp1 - expands %1 to a drive letter and path only

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