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My mapper emits 'uniq key' - 'very large value' pair.

My reducer doesn't know the key is unique. Thus, the reducer waits until all the mappers are completed.

I tried to use a combiner, but it is not an easy solution for me, because my reducer is very complicated.

My question is how can I perform the reducer after per map? without using a combiner.

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If your keys are uniq then the is no need to reduce them. Therefore just copy-paste reducer code to mapper and set reducer number to zero. BTW there are many map reduce jobs which do not require reduce step so it is not something strange.

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If you know in advance your key is unique then you can move all the code from the reducer step into the map and to all the work there.

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I don't understand your question. You can simply not specify a combiner in the Job configuration.

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