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I just want to validate that a Twitter user exists. My code is returning 401 Unauthorised with this

        var FindUser = $('#frmTwitter').val();
            'http://api.twitter.com/1/users/' + FindUser + '.json?callback=?', 
            function(json) {

what am I doing wrong?

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Where did you get the url from? –  Kevin Bowersox Jun 25 '11 at 14:34

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Where did you get that URI from?

Use instead:

'http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.json?screen_name=' + FindUser

See API doc on users/show

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no idea where that URL came from! still had to add &callback=? though –  ed209 Jun 25 '11 at 16:27
If you want it as a callback, yes. –  Kissaki Jun 26 '11 at 14:07

Try using this url: "http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.json?screen_name=" + user_name

You can also look at this post: Check if twitter username exists

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All of Twitters API's require you to first authenticate with them.


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All API methods support authentication, however not all require it. For example, you can call users/show without authenticating. –  arcain Jul 1 '11 at 7:11

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