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I created a SimplePageAuthorizationStrategy that redirects an unauthorized user to my LoginPage.class to authenticate / authorize and then in the onSubmit() I use continueToOriginalDestination() to forward the request to the original destination (e.g. a mount() or BookmarkablePageLink). It works correctly.

Now I would like to add an message on the page to the effect of:

Please log in before continuing to "http://server/protected".

Rather than the usual "Please log in!" when the user gets to the login page this way.

How can I detect if the LoginPage.class has intercepted this request during the constructor in order to add this feedback? Calling continueToOriginalDestination() is not the answer, that seems to redirect right away, correct?


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This information is well encapsulated and it is hard to read it. You can set your own flag in the session before redirecting to LoginPage and reset it after read.

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okay,that was a good idea.thanks. –  sprockets Jun 27 '11 at 19:23

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