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i'm a little stuck with a jQuery. At the moment my function looks like this.


    function validNum() {

    var initVal = $(this).val();
    outputVal = initVal.replace(/(https?:\/\/)?(www.)?[0-9A-Za-z-]{2,50}\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}([\/\w\-\.,@?^=%&:/~\+#]*[\w\-\@?^=%&/~\+#]){0,250}(\s){1}$/ 
,"http://my.site/ref.php?id=<?php $code = unqiue-ref-id(); echo $unqiue-ref-id;?>");   
    if (initVal != outputVal) {
        return false;



So right now it rewrites a user typed url (in a textarea) to a redirection link with my own url (e.g. my.site?ref.php?id=unique12. What I need exactly is a POST Request to a php file (code below) where the valid user-url is given to the php file as a var and then the php file should give back a var with the generated unique unique-ref-id. I do of course know that the code above isn't working like that, it only shows how the final result should look like. The php file wich generates the unique-ref-id looks like this.

 function unqiue-ref-id() {
    $unqiue-ref-id = "";


    for ($i=1; $i <= $lenght; $i++) {
        $shorturl .= substr($string, mt_rand(0,strlen($string)-1), 1);
    return $unqiue-ref-id;


$user-url = // var send from jquery

  $unqiue-ref-id = unqiue-ref-id();
} while(in_array($unqiue-ref-id, $result));

// var send back to jquery function => final results of do function above

// Here i add the $user-url and $unique-ref-id to datebase (Dont need code for that)


Would be so great if someone can help me out with that. Thanks a lot :)

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Use the POST jQuery's method. Here's an example

$.post('URL-TO-POST-DATA', {'parameter1': 'value', 'parameter2': 'value'}, function(data_received){
/** Here goes your callback function **/ alert(data_received);

More information about POST method

Don't forget one thing. jQuery will not receive nothing if you don't use echo on PHP (instead of return). You MUST use echo in PHP, don't forget it.

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