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I would like to send out data via 3G when my iPhone is connected to my ARDrone. Is this possible?

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no, it's not.

iPhone: Connecting to the Internet

"When you use these interfaces, you do not have to choose whether to use the Wi-Fi or cell-based radios yourself." - Networking & Internet Starting Point - the implication being you don't have the choice, either.

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It's actually possible since the connection is adhoc and apparently informs the iPhone that there is no internet through it, since I was piloting one and had MLB live streaming a game in the background.

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Ah, I assumed you meant it was connected to the Internet via the wi-fi. Good to know that the underlying mechanisms figured it out and used the 3G. I've definitely been on super-slow public wi-fi and had to turn it off to get some data pushed/pulled. –  bshirley Jul 14 '11 at 23:11

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