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I have breakpoints set but Xcode appears to ignore them.

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You can check one setting in target setting Apple LLVM Compiler 4.1 Code Generation Section Generate Debug Symbol = YES

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This happens from time to time with an iOS project at least. To fix it, I had to reboot the iOS device, quit Xcode, and rebuild the project.

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I found the problem. Somehow the "Show Disassembly when debugging" was enabled in my XCode which creates that problem. When I disabled it, all my debugger stopped in my source code.

You can find it under: Product->Debug Workflow->Show Disassembly when debugging.

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Having both Xcode 5 and 6 GM caused the former to lose breakpoint functionality (Xcode 6 betas were ok).

I tried many of the suggested methods but finally gave up and I'm just using Xcode 6 now.

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Deleting my Build folder solved the problem for me.

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On Xcode 6.4, I needed to reboot my Mac.

(Tried enabling/disabling breakpoints, rebooting iOS device, restarting Xcode, deleting breakpoint files from the workspace package...)

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I've had problems with Xcode losing breakpoints when using the simulator and having the Scheme Launch setting to "wait for executable". Change that to "launch automatically" and breakpoints come back to life.

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In my case, I found out that the breakpoints have been accidentally deactivated. You can reactivate it again via Debug->Activate Breakpoints [Cmd+Y]. If you notice grey'ed out breakpoint markers instead of the usual blue marker, this is likely the case.

As it turned out you can always toggle breakpoints activation with Cmd+Y keys, you might have hits this combination key not noticing it. This report is based on Xcode 7.2.

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Thing to try :

1 ) restart xcode 2 ) select another simulator -- which was my case 3 ) reboot mac.

if none of this works. then look at the project settings. ( which is leeast possible thing. )

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I have Xcode Version 4.6.3 and Breakpoints were never working in sub-groups of included projects. The project would compile and run fine; it would even attach to the debugger and spit out NSLog output appropriately.

The issue was related to my Header Search Paths. I had some of them set 'recursive' instead of the default 'non-recursive'. Changing them all to 'non-recursive' and updating all of the related imports appropriately fixed the problem.

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