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I have activex C# control for IE. That contol downloaded from some host. Control does some work that needs special permissions(IE shows window with information that my control cannot do operation without permission). I spend a lot of time googling and reading many topics about similiar situations. I understood that I must do following things:
1. Sign control assembly with strong key.
2. Grant permission to assembly.
I generated strong key with VS2010 tools. After that my control stopped displaying on page(if don't use signing control displaying is normal). I know about gacutil /cdl, it doesn't help. I decided that after granting permission, control displaying will be OK, but my opinion was wrong. I granted permission for assembly via command caspol -addgroup 1 -url http://myhostname/myAdditionPathToControlAssembly/control.dll FullTrust (about caspol utility describes http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cb6t8dtz(v=vs.80).aspx). After all my control does not displaying.
What the right way to sign activex control and grant permission to solve my problems?

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Internet Explorer is probably preventing you from initializing your control. You'll need to mark the control as Safe for Scripting and Safe for Initialization. This document describes how. That will at least get you started. If you have further, more detailed questions, let us all know.

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