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having the domain classes:

class A {

 Date dateCreated
 static hasMany = [b:B]


class B {

  String name
  String value


What createCriteria or HQL query can I use to return a list with:

  • A's creation date
  • B's value for A with the name entry set to 'X'

Note: Although there's no explicit constraint, there's only one "value" for each 'X' and a combination.


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The HQL would be

def results = A.executeQuery(
    'select, a.dateCreated, b from A a inner join a.b b ' +
    [name: 'X'])

This will give you a List of 3-element Object[] arrays containing, A.dateCreated, and the list of B instances. I added the id to the query so you can group by it client-side:

def grouped = results.groupBy { it[0] }

This will be a Map where the keys are the A ids and the values are the Lists from the original results.

Ideally you'd do the grouping at the database, but it would complicate the query, and assuming you don't have a large number of results it should be fast.

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Sorry, forgot to mention it was 1 to many ... – xain Jun 25 '11 at 18:15
I updated the answer based on your change. – Burt Beckwith Jun 25 '11 at 21:18

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