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In my routes.rb:

resources :posts do
    get "test"

This produces the usual RESTful routes with /post/:id/.... However, I also get /post/:post_id/test.

Now my problem is that sometimes the parameter is named :id and sometimes it is :post_id. How can I make it uniform?

Thank you!

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Specify :on => :member, otherwise it is acting as a nested resource.

resources :posts do
    get 'test', :on => :member
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Thanks! I didn't know it was a nested resource by default. I thought :on => :member was the default already :) – Denny Jun 25 '11 at 20:14

You shouldn't make it uniform. It's :id when it's the target resource and :post_id when it is the parent of some other target resource (i.e. nested resources). This is a Rails convention.

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