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We have an image like:

enter image description here

We have 4 coordinates top:10, bottom:10, left:10, right:10 we have resize to values like newWidth:100, newHeight:35 we have some SDL_Rect Sprite which was generated from some SDL_Surface *button how to performe on that Sprite such resize transformations?

So how to inplement 9-slice scaling in SDL?

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This is a Action script method But may help point you into the right direction to get into OpenGL/Cpp

http://www.bytearray.org/?p=118 resize dynamically Bitmaps

another helpfull link that does 9 slice (also known as 9 patch image) http://java-ide-droid.googlecode.com/svn-history/r42/trunk/jni/aapt/jni/Images.cpp

Cheers (cool if you manage to do it through.)

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