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We migrated our application from JBoss 5 to JBoss6 and one of the main reasons for this is to make use of the new features of servlet 3.0. Everything works fine apart from one new feature of JBoss 6 and servlet 3.0: setting the session cookie to only be transferred through secure channel even if the request was made through plain HTTP. This is a very important security feature for us and is achieved by adding


in web.xml. This is part of our web.xml:


When we remove the


everything works fine. When it is there, there is a new jsessionid generated for each request even when being on a secure page (HTTPS) or in an unsecured page (HTTP). Also, the login does not work since after login with secure credentials the user is redirected back to the login page.

I suppose this might be also an issue with Tomcat 7 since it also uses the servlet 3.0 spec. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Forgive me offtopic, but IMHO JBoss AS 6 is almost as buggy as 5. Be carefull. Just look at the JIRA tickets with status closed and won't fix. Why not JBoss AS 7? –  Grzesiek D. Jan 27 at 14:45
@GrzesiekD thanks for your comment. We have in fact migrated to 7 now. This question is now almost 2 years old. –  Alex Jan 28 at 15:25
Yes, you're right. I noticed this after posting a comment. Mea culpa. –  Grzesiek D. Jan 29 at 16:39
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