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The following is a contrived example Makefile illustrating a problem that I'm having.

release: TYPE := release
FILE = main.cpp
OBJDIR = dist/$(TYPE)
OBJS = $(patsubst %.cpp,$(OBJDIR)/%.o,$(FILE))

release: $(OBJS)
    @echo "just created: " $(OBJS)

    @echo "create $@"

When I run 'make release' the output is:

create dist//main.o
just created:  dist/release/main.o

How can I ensure that the $(OBJS) dependency of release target is expanded to dist/release/main.o and not dist//main.o . Also what is the reason for it expanding to dist//main.o?

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The reason for it expanding to dist//main.o is that TYPE is a target-specific variable. The value of this kind of variable is only available within the context of a target's recipe (and in other target-specific assignments.
This means the value of TYPE is empty in the prerequisites for that rule.

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Thanks. I didn't realise that target-specific variables are only valid within the targets recipe. I've rethought my makefile and come up with a solution. –  dbotha Jun 25 '11 at 21:56

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