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Rails 2.3.11

I did read this answer, but it's not working for me.

I would like the default option for this selection box to be the event_id passed through the URL.

f.select :event_id, @events, :selected => url_args["event_id"]

An example @events is[["SC 2 Tournament", 195], ["Obstacle Course", 196], ["Mortal Combat", 197]]

The following also didn't work:

  • adding ".to_i" to "url_args["event_id"
  • using options_for_select(@events, url_args["event_id"]

Thank you!

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This is a lot easier if you use the collection_select helper:

f.collection_select :event_id, @events, :id, :name

Then to select the default option (and have that be selected on pageload), you can simply assign it to whatever Object it is that the form is for within the controller. eg like this:

def new
   @events = Event.all
   @thing = Thing.new(:event => @events.first)

I'm not sure where your url_args comes from, but I'm guessing it's probably from a param in the URL, in which case you can do this:

Thing.new(:event_id => params[:event_id])

One last thing - collection_select won't quite work with @events as you've specified it, as you're using a nested Array, when it's expecting an Array of Objects that it can call id and name on in order to retrieve the values and display text for the select options. To fix that, simply redefine @events within your controller, using one of the ActiveRecord finders, such as Event.all or Event.find(..).

Make sense?

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I've never used collections before, so I might look into those later. I was able to fix my issue simply by swapping my custom url_args method for params, like so: <%= f.select :event_id, @events, :selected => params[:event_id].to_i %> –  Benjin Jun 25 '11 at 22:10

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