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I have an application that hosts a webcontrol (IE) and runs on localhost using Casini. I use it to run CruiseControl.NET (See for the app).

Within custom CruiseControl.NET reports I would like to start other applications like Visual Studio.

Any idea how I can launch an executable from a web page without having to install an extra application? I currently have no requirement to install anything to use my application which consists of a custom forms app, CruiseControl.NET and Cassini 3.5

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I'm not familiar with CruiseControl.NET, but if it's just some kind of webserver/application running in a webserver returning websites, it can't (and shouldn't) run executables directly, however, I can think of 3 ways of doing this nevertheless:

  1. Write a small launcher application that gets downloaded when the application should be run, but you have to click on "Open", "I'm sure", "Yeah, I know, not a safe zone, run it anyway". It isn't comfortable, but it works in all Browsers.
  2. Write a program that registers a protocol handler like run://something.exe and executes the specified file.
  3. Get a browser plugin that executes the executable, the first thing I found is LaunchInIE, the configuration looks a bit messy but it seems to do what you want.
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LaunchInIE looks like a good way doing this. It is a pity that you do need all kind of registry registrations. It seems a bit old (<2002), are there any other tools like this one? – Serge van den Oever Mar 16 '09 at 21:19

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