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I am using two forms on one page (I have my reasons). They are not model forms. I am trying to validate them by using prefix. I found it here: Proper way to handle multiple forms on one page in Django But when I try to get cleaned_data, i get key error. Here is some of my code:

add_form = AbsenceTypeForm(request.POST, prefix = 'atype')
if add_form.is_valid():
    absence_type = AbsenceType(
        client = client_instance,
        name = add_form.cleaned_data['type_name'],
        gainful = add_form.cleaned_data['gainful'],

And I get KeyError for type_name. I tried to add cleaned_data['atype-type_name'] - nothing helps.

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try cleaned_data.get('foo') –  chandsie Jun 26 '11 at 1:03
Try printing request.POST and see what values you have. I"m sure you'll see the collection you're trying to reference by key. –  Brandon Jun 26 '11 at 3:21

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What about dumping the cleaned_data somewhere, to a screen or a file - just to check the keys it gets? Debugger should also show the dictionary in the locals. I would guess it's either lost / misspelled prefix or the form field name.

Btw I agree that using .get() is safer (even though it looks like the form validation should be already handled by is_valid(), however you might decide to change the field to be non-mandatory in the future and then this code would error), so:

name = add_form.cleaned_data.get('type_name',None),
gainful = add_form.cleaned_data.get('gainful',None),

if name and gainful:
    #rest of the code
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Thanks. This is much better now. –  Kroitus Jun 26 '11 at 19:07

Maybe you left type_name empty in your posted form; cleaned_data only contains keys for non-empty form fields.

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