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I am using the example found on protovis site to display the nodes of a graph

I simply cannot initialize the graph with a zoom of 2x for example, so it won't look that small when started.

<script type="text/javascript+protovis">

    var w = document.body.clientWidth,
        h = document.body.clientHeight,
        colors = pv.Colors.category19();

    var vis = new pv.Panel()
        .event("mousedown", pv.Behavior.pan())
        .event("mousewheel", pv.Behavior.zoom());

    var force = vis.add(pv.Layout.Force)

        .size(function(d) (d.linkDegree + 4) * Math.pow(this.scale, -1.5))
        .fillStyle(function(d) d.fix ? "brown" : colors(
        .strokeStyle(function() this.fillStyle().darker())
        .title(function(d) d.nodeName)
        .event("mousedown", pv.Behavior.drag())
        .event("drag", force);


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You'll have to use the transform() method of pv.Panel as described here. Put the following line right behind vis.render();, it should work. Maybe you'll need to translate it additionally though.


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Thank you. It worked as needed. –  Jorj Jun 30 '11 at 6:05

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