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I have a problem with Silverlight 4 and WCF.

I'm debugging my Silverlight application that should connect to https://MYSERVERNAME/mijn/DataSource/Editie.svc/ instead it always requests https://WRONGSERVERNAME/mijn/DataSource/Editie.svc/$metadata.

It is really wierd, I searched through all my code and I never use the servername WRONGSERVERNAME. Furthermore, also https://MYSERVERNAME/mijn/DataSource/Editie.svc/$metadata gives a 404 error, so even if WRONGSERVERNAME would respond the request would still produce a 404 error.

Does anyone has this error as well?

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try removing and adding a service reference through Visual Studio if you can. It´s the safest bet. WCF server and client configuration really needs to match to work. WCF service projects usually have a IMetaDateExchange behavior. Wrong server name might just be a case of a wrong endpoint entry in web.config

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