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So, google and stack are garbled with many different approaches to this problem, which I thought would be easily researchable.

I want to know the best/cleanest way to call a .net .asmx based webservice, from pure javascript client side code. i.e. No tags. Nearly every reference to this question provides asp.net server-side code examples, which I don't want.

I guess I could use jquery on the client side. I think (but am unsure) that Microsoft has a client-side javascript library that can be used to make an ajax call to a webservice as well.

I'm happy to modify my server-side asmx webservice to be JSON compatible (i.e. the client-side code here doesn't have to handle soap).

Must I adopt jquery? Or is there another way of doing this?

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For those who have the same question but are happy to use jquery, encosia.com/using-jquery-to-consume-aspnet-json-web-services is a good resource on how to use jquery to call asmx based webservices. Note the breaking change between asp.net 2 and asp.net 3.5 that introduces the use of .d (see this great explanation (encosia.com/a-breaking-change-between-versions-of-aspnet-ajax) –  kaes Jun 26 '11 at 5:22

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For those who have the same question, my research has shown that the safest approach to this is to harness a client-side library. In the end I've gone with JQuery on the client side, coupled with JSON enabled asmx based webservices (subject to the links in the comments above)

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is your webservice a cross domain webservice? –  user594166 Jun 18 '12 at 11:22

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