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After some adventure I managed to install and configure Postfix on my server. I confirmed that it works, I was able to send myself some mail and got it under ~/Maildir/new

I would like to use ruby mail gem to slurp it in. github has directions on how to set this up:

Mail.defaults do
  retriever_method :pop3, :address    => "",
                          :port       => 995,
                          :user_name  => '',
                          :password   => '',
                          :enable_ssl => true

however, I would like to parse mail on the same server I will be receiving it. Also I will be the only person receiving email on the server. I was wondering if I could simply pass Mail defaults the path to new email folder (~/Maildir/new in this case) and read it that way. Then I would parse and load it into the database and remove the email files. Could I set up ruby mail to parse email by just giving it the path?

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This doesn't directly answer your question, but I think it's a better way to achieve what you are trying to do.

Instead of having postfix deliver the message, have it pipe the message to your program (see man aliases). Then you can handle the message with the mail gem in your program by doing This saves you the trouble of dealing dealing with maildirs/deleting messages/etc.

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