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I have a property decorator so:

def Property(f):  
    Allow readable properties without voodoo.
    fget, fset, fdel = f()
    fdoc = f.__doc__
    return property(fget, fset, fdel, fdoc)

Used (for example) so:

    def method():
        def fget(self):
            return some expression...
        return fget, None, None

So my question is about the python way of doing this. Pydev complains about

"method method should have self as first parameter"

And pylint gives me

Method has no argument

I know I can turn off this error message in pydev, but Im wondering if there is a better way to manage methods that do not take self as a parameter, something I can do better.

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You could use @staticmethod to create a method which does not receive an implicit first argument. Doesn't Python's @property decorator already do what you want?

class Foo(object):
    def bar(self):
        return 'foobar'

>>> foo = Foo()

>>> foo.bar
<<< 'foobar'
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