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I have been working on an application that reads HandIds and whole cards from a text file and i want to now store them in a database that is compatible with c#. I have tried a few open source databases such as MySQL and postgresql but I am having difficulty even setting up the databases due to authentication errors as well as lack there of/confusing documentation for setting up on Windows. I use MongoDB at work but I would prefer a database with SQL syntax as well as at least some sort of GUI. can anyone suggest a DB that is easy to install/setup/use?

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It seems to me that embedded database would be most appropriate for your task, you have plenty of choice there for .NET, I would recommend SQLLite, look at this SO question for details about other choices : What is a good embedded database to use with C#?

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First off, SQL Server Express is free. I don't find MySQL or PostgreSQL too hard to set up, but maybe SQL CE or SQLite could be sufficient (with low to medium load). If you want to invest a little time in getting to know Entity Framework, SQL Server Express or SQL CE could get even easier to use. Depends on your use case, though.

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If you have problem installing the MySQL DB try downloading WAMP - includes apache, mysql, php package and easy to use from the beggining (comes with the phpmyadmin mysql gui for apache. very handy

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