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I'm attempting to reverse engineer a file format from a logging program. It seems to use a 1-2 byte field which may be used for label colors, as it seems to be the only thing that's unexplained. Short of iterating through other label colors and generating new output files (which is a pain in the ass, hence me trying to reverse-engineer the format in the first place), are there any standard 8-bit color palettes they may line up with? I've found some (e.g. the only 216 colors that are allowed on the web), but they're not enumerated in any particular way.

I believe 0x32 is light green (e.g. 0,255,0), 0x0A is teal cyan (0, 255, 255), and 0x28 is red. Each field may also include a trailing 0x00.

Or I could be totally wrong.

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Just being a stickler here, but (0, 255, 255) is cyan :) That being said, +1 because I'm curious about the answer, too. –  jpm Jun 26 '11 at 4:14
Have you considered that a palette may be embedded in the file format itself (It's not a given, but it's worth looking)? You could also enumerate several consecutive indexes to see if there is any pattern you could fill out procedurally. –  Justin Aquadro Jun 26 '11 at 4:19
I've explained away all the major blocks in the file, and nothing seems like a nice sequential palette entry. These values could very well be something proprietary, but an answer to the general question would be interesting. –  Nick T Jun 26 '11 at 4:26

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Well, it could be one of the old standard VGA palettes. This is the one for mode 13h:

enter image description here

However, the numbers you posted seem to be off-by-one from the index into the usual ordering.

EDIT: Here are the 24-bit RGB values for the color components in a python formatted array. It is a bit long so be warned!

[0x000000, 0x0000a8, 0x00a800, 0x00a8a8, 0xa80000, 0xa800a8, 0xa85400, 0xa8a8a8, 0x545454, 0x5454fc, 0x54fc54, 0x54fcfc, 0xfc5454, 0xfc54fc, 0xfcfc54, 0xfcfcfc, 0x000000, 0x141414, 0x202020, 0x2c2c2c, 0x383838, 0x444444, 0x505050, 0x606060, 0x707070, 0x808080, 0x909090, 0xa0a0a0, 0xb4b4b4, 0xc8c8c8, 0xe0e0e0, 0xfcfcfc, 0x0000fc, 0x4000fc, 0x7c00fc, 0xbc00fc, 0xfc00fc, 0xfc00bc, 0xfc007c, 0xfc0040, 0xfc0000, 0xfc4000, 0xfc7c00, 0xfcbc00, 0xfcfc00, 0xbcfc00, 0x7cfc00, 0x40fc00, 0x00fc00, 0x00fc40, 0x00fc7c, 0x00fcbc, 0x00fcfc, 0x00bcfc, 0x007cfc, 0x0040fc, 0x7c7cfc, 0x9c7cfc, 0xbc7cfc, 0xdc7cfc, 0xfc7cfc, 0xfc7cdc, 0xfc7cbc, 0xfc7c9c, 0xfc7c7c, 0xfc9c7c, 0xfcbc7c, 0xfcdc7c, 0xfcfc7c, 0xdcfc7c, 0xbcfc7c, 0x9cfc7c, 0x7cfc7c, 0x7cfc9c, 0x7cfcbc, 0x7cfcdc, 0x7cfcfc, 0x7cdcfc, 0x7cbcfc, 0x7c9cfc, 0xb4b4fc, 0xc4b4fc, 0xd8b4fc, 0xe8b4fc, 0xfcb4fc, 0xfcb4e8, 0xfcb4d8, 0xfcb4c4, 0xfcb4b4, 0xfcc4b4, 0xfcd8b4, 0xfce8b4, 0xfcfcb4, 0xe8fcb4, 0xd8fcb4, 0xc4fcb4, 0xb4fcb4, 0xb4fcc4, 0xb4fcd8, 0xb4fce8, 0xb4fcfc, 0xb4e8fc, 0xb4d8fc, 0xb4c4fc, 0x000070, 0x1c0070, 0x380070, 0x540070, 0x700070, 0x700054, 0x700038, 0x70001c, 0x700000, 0x701c00, 0x703800, 0x705400, 0x707000, 0x547000, 0x387000, 0x1c7000, 0x007000, 0x00701c, 0x007038, 0x007054, 0x007070, 0x005470, 0x003870, 0x001c70, 0x383870, 0x443870, 0x543870, 0x603870, 0x703870, 0x703860, 0x703854, 0x703844, 0x703838, 0x704438, 0x705438, 0x706038, 0x707038, 0x607038, 0x547038, 0x447038, 0x387038, 0x387044, 0x387054, 0x387060, 0x387070, 0x386070, 0x385470, 0x384470, 0x505070, 0x585070, 0x605070, 0x685070, 0x705070, 0x705068, 0x705060, 0x705058, 0x705050, 0x705850, 0x706050, 0x706850, 0x707050, 0x687050, 0x607050, 0x587050, 0x507050, 0x507058, 0x507060, 0x507068, 0x507070, 0x506870, 0x506070, 0x505870, 0x000040, 0x100040, 0x200040, 0x300040, 0x400040, 0x400030, 0x400020, 0x400010, 0x400000, 0x401000, 0x402000, 0x403000, 0x404000, 0x304000, 0x204000, 0x104000, 0x004000, 0x004010, 0x004020, 0x004030, 0x004040, 0x003040, 0x002040, 0x001040, 0x202040, 0x282040, 0x302040, 0x382040, 0x402040, 0x402038, 0x402030, 0x402028, 0x402020, 0x402820, 0x403020, 0x403820, 0x404020, 0x384020, 0x304020, 0x284020, 0x204020, 0x204028, 0x204030, 0x204038, 0x204040, 0x203840, 0x203040, 0x202840, 0x2c2c40, 0x302c40, 0x342c40, 0x3c2c40, 0x402c40, 0x402c3c, 0x402c34, 0x402c30, 0x402c2c, 0x40302c, 0x40342c, 0x403c2c, 0x40402c, 0x3c402c, 0x34402c, 0x30402c, 0x2c402c, 0x2c4030, 0x2c4034, 0x2c403c, 0x2c4040, 0x2c3c40, 0x2c3440, 0x2c3040, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000, 0x000000]

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Is there some list for the indices of that image to the RGB values? Other than that, off-by-one is an easy fix, and could make sense as black may well be an invalid color. –  Nick T Jun 26 '11 at 4:27

There is no standard palette for 8-bit but Teletext uses true 8-bit color palette

It's based on hardwares


Edit : Some devices able to show different shades of color by adjusting brightness but true 8-bit is this palette ( Teletext )

enter image description here

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The article says it's an 8-color, 3-bit palette –  Nick T Jun 26 '11 at 4:50
combination of those 3 bit with give you 8 color , true 8-bit color is what you will see , any other color is shades which adjusted by brightness of hardware –  Synxmax Jun 26 '11 at 5:02

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