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When I want to create and use a function what accepts another function in it as an argument I usually do:

// Create Function
function doSomething(func){

// Call Function

but in javascript(and many other languages what I know) there a default functions such as if, while, for, function where there is a different format when I call them:

while(i < 10){

So this while function doesn't have another "parent" function. Is it possible to make my own functions in this style in javascript?

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You can't do this as they are inbuilt language constructs. You can of course have a function in your global scope but they work just as any other function would.

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You can't -- while isn't a function, it's a reserved keyword that is parsed out by the javascript engine. If you made a function and called it:

myFunc(i < 10){ ... }

you would just end up with myFunc(true) or myFunc(false)

And the extra { and } would be syntax errors.

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