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I'm running a Synology NAS Server, and I'm trying to use PHP to get the filesize of files.
I'm trying to find a function that will successfully calculate the filesize of files over 4Gb.

filesize($file); only works for files <2Gb
sprintf("%u", filesize($file)); only works for files <4Gb

I also tried another function that I found on the php manual, but it doesn't work properly.
It randomly works for certain file sizes but not for others.

function fsize($file) {
  // filesize will only return the lower 32 bits of
  // the file's size! Make it unsigned.
  $fmod = filesize($file);
  if ($fmod < 0) $fmod += 2.0 * (PHP_INT_MAX + 1);

  // find the upper 32 bits
  $i = 0;

  $myfile = fopen($file, "r");

  // feof has undefined behaviour for big files.
  // after we hit the eof with fseek,
  // fread may not be able to detect the eof,
  // but it also can't read bytes, so use it as an
  // indicator.
  while (strlen(fread($myfile, 1)) === 1) {
    fseek($myfile, PHP_INT_MAX, SEEK_CUR);


  // $i is a multiplier for PHP_INT_MAX byte blocks.
  // return to the last multiple of 4, as filesize has modulo of 4 GB (lower 32 bits)
  if ($i % 2 == 1) $i--;

  // add the lower 32 bit to our PHP_INT_MAX multiplier
  return ((float)($i) * (PHP_INT_MAX + 1)) + $fmod;

Any ideas?

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You are overflowing PHP's 32-bit integer. On *nix, this will give you the filesize as a string:

<?php $size = trim(shell_exec('stat -c %s '.escapeshellarg($filename))); ?>
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How about executing a shell command like:


echo shell_exec("du 'PATH_TO_FILE'");


where PATH_TO_FILE is obviously the path to the file relative to the php script

you will most probably do some regex to get the filesize as a standalone as it returns a string like:

11777928    name_of_file.extention
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When I try to just echo that it says Warning: shell_exec(): Cannot execute using backquotes in Safe Mode in /volume1/web/required/function.php on line 153. I tried changing safe mode on/off – Richard Jun 26 '11 at 6:25

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