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I have a entity which has a list of Child1 objects. The mappings seem to work fine for this. If I try to add a list of Child2 objects to the Child1 entity and set up the mapping a xml mapping doesn't seem to get created and I get this error:

Test method vRATest.ORMTest.NHibernateTests.NHibernate_Should_Be_Able_To_Get_All_Routes­_Using_ProjectID threw exception: NHibernate.MappingException: Association references unmapped class: vRA.Domain.RouteLocationNH.

I have checked my entities and mappings several times now but I can't seem to figure out how to make this 3rd level work. Is this even possible in Fluent NHibernate or even NHibernate? I am new to both of these technologies so thought I'd better ask. If anyone has a working example of 3 levels of entities that work I'd appreciate seeing how to do this.

thanks in advance! Bill

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This is definitely possible. The exception message indicates that you're missing a mapping for one of the classes in one of your References<T>() calls (or many-to-one in XML mappings) in one of your maps.

Go through your classes and make sure that you have a ClassMap class for every entity class that is referenced from any of your existing mappings.

The fact that the problem occurred after you setup the mapping from Child1 to Child2 indicates to me that it's a problem with Child2 or one of the classes that it references.

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