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I am developing an iphone game using cocos2d and box2d. I use cococ2d to animate a sprite (using series of png). In box2D I make a body and

  • Set its shape to polygon using setAsBox().
  • And set its user data to the sprite that I had created in cocos2D.

Problem: The collision seems very unrealistic as the animated sprite is concave in shape and the box that I had made in box2D doesnt in any way meet the dimensions of the animated sprite.

I have tried vertex helper to make the b2Body a particular shape but after much efforts found out that concave shaped cannot be made using vertices.

Any help on this problem please?

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Try using multiply shapes per one body for better approximation

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Save yourself a ton of time and check these out. You will be amazed how easy it is to get really cool physics working.



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