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I have table with items:

id | title | ordersTillNow

I want to write c# code on the button click event so that after the customer clicks on purchase button the column ordersTillNow will increase by one (++)...

Can this be done with Linq-to-SQL ? Or with SqlCommand?

Anyway ...how can I do that on c# (code behind, with Linq-to-SQL or SqlCommand) ?

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did you try a single google search for this, before posting the question? –  Illuminati Jun 26 '11 at 10:07

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Assuming you're using Linq-to-SQL, you will have a data context for your database, and an object that represents your table.

When the customers click, you'd write code something like this:

using (YourDataContext ctx = new YourDataContext())
    Customer myCust = from c in ctx.Customers
                      where c.CustomerId == ID
                     select c;


Using a SqlCommand, you have lots of options to do this - a stored procedure, inline SQL - whatever.

You'll write code something like this:

string updateStmt = "UPDATE dbo.YourTable SET ordersTillNow = ordersTillNow + 1 " +
                    "WHERE CustomerID = @CustomerID";

using(SqlConnection _conn = new SqlConnection("your-connection-string-here"))
using(SqlCommand _cmd = new SqlCommand(_conn, updateStmt))
   _cmd.Parameters.Add("@CustomerID", SqlDbType.Int).Value = yourCustomerID;
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