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I am printing a cell using the TCPDF( class in php. The cell should be placed into the top left corner.

Everything works great, except that a left and top padding is added inside the cell.

Here is my code:



$pdf->SetFont('dejavusans', '', 8.5, '', true);

$pdf->AddPage('L', array(50.8,88.9));

$pdf->SetXY(0, 0);
$pdf->Cell(0,2.98740833, "Your Name", '1', 2, 'L', false); //Name

$pdf->Output('example.pdf', 'I');

Here's a screenshot of the PDF that is outputting with TCPDF:

Here's a screenshot of the PDF that is outputting with TCPDF:

Here's a screenshot of the same cell at 300% magnification:

Close-up of the padding in the cell

How can I remove the unwanted padding?


I managed to remove the left padding by using the setCellPaddings() function:


I am however still getting padding above and below the text within the cell:

enter image description here

I can increase the size of the cell, but when I try to make the height of the cell smaller to try and close it in on the text, the cell won't get any smaller than the current size. How can I decrease the height of the cell or remove the unwanted top and bottom padding of the cell?

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If I'm not mistaken, that it is not padding, but space for letters which extend below the baseline (e.g. "g"), accents, subscripts and superscripts.

I tried your code with some accented letters in the text. This is the result: tcpdf test

- Baseline (typography)
- Subscript & Superscript

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On an additional note, you can decrease the height of the cell by passing TRUE for the ignoreMinHeight parameter in the Cell function.

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