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how can I select all children beside all strokes " I can select all strokes " and I want to select all children like textboxes and images I used Inkcanvas.Select(strokes) for all strokes how can for children?

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you can make it manual by

first :create List<UIElement> elementsToSelect = new List<UIElement>();

second :add every child in it

third : Inkcanvas.select(elementsToSelect)

you can see this link http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa972125%28VS.90%29.aspx

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Just add something to the above solution, to add every child into the list, you can use class VisualTreeHelper and function GetChildrenCount and GetChild will be helpful.

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List<UIElement> list = new List<UIElement>();

            GetAllControl("someCanvas", list);

        private void GetAllControl(Canvas c , List<UIElement> list)
            foreach (Control control in c.Controls)

                if (control.Controls.Count > 0)
                    GetAllControl(control , list);
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