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I have a file having some URLs per line. I need to extract the "keywords" present in the tags i.e. if there is meta tag for "keywords" then i want to get "content" value for it. Example: if the web-page has this meta-tag then for that URL i want "wikipedia,encyclopedia" to be extracted.

One approach is to download the web-page using "wget" and then parse it using some standard HTML parser.

I was wondering is there any better way to do this without downloading the entire web-page.

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What you described is the simplest solution to implement.

If you worried about the network traffic generated you could write a small program that only reads the header. As soon as you read the <body..> tag you can finish downloading.

Update: You have to set a very small receive buffer for you socket otherwise the kernel will probably still download the whole page. Verify your solution with tcpdump.

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but how do I process the web-page while it is still downloading by wget() ?? – Amit Jun 26 '11 at 11:29
The simple answer is you don't. You can do wget -O - and process stdin but then you have to set up the kernel receive buffer for all sockets with sysctl which is certainly NOT a good idea. You have to write this in C++ or python or anything that lets you manipulate sockets... If this sounds too complex for you just download the whole page. – Karoly Horvath Jun 26 '11 at 11:34

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