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I'm new to Papyrus UML in Eclipse. I'm trying to make a class diagram of classes that also use standard Java classes (e.g. java.awt.Point). So for example: Class Tracker has a property Point location. However, if I click the property location, I cannot set its type to any standard Java class.

I tried Import from registered library but there are no options that include the standard Java packages.

How can I use these standard classes in my class diagram?

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You can not use Papyrus with Java existing java code. Usually you model then generate a java code from the model. You can try the reverse engineering feature but it would create model which is now not related to your existing java class.

The only solution I see is to use live code and model synchronization UML tool.

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Ok, thanks. That kind of sucks. I don't have any existing code yet and I want to figure out how my classes should look, but now it turns out that I cannot model my classes with core Java properties? -1 for UML. –  RemiX Jun 28 '11 at 7:28
UML 2 is just amazing and if you look well at its structure it is exactly as java. I mean you have project, then packages inside which you create your model element. The problem is the modeling tool philosophy and features which remained the same in the last 15 years !! –  UML GURU Jun 28 '11 at 7:56

Some Papyrus/Java lover should write the core java profile and donate it to the papyrus project.

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