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Our main installer is calling another product (product B) installer
This creates two entries in the ""add remove programs" window.
When I uninstall the main product product B is not removed from machine.
Is there a way that I can uninstall product B when the main product is uninstalled?

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I think the down vote may have not understood your problem clearly. I would, however, suggest using the WiX chaining tools to install your multiple products. – Randolph Mar 6 '12 at 0:32
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You can try using a custom action with these settings:

  • it should be scheduled after InstallFinalize in InstallExecuteSequence
  • it should use this condition:

    REMOVE = "ALL"

  • use ExeCommand attribute to specify the msiexec.exe uninstall command line (you will use the actual ProductCode):

    msiexec.exe /x <product_code_B> /qb

  • set Return attribute to asyncNoWait so product B uninstall runs in a different process

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